Yandere Sokka X Reader Breeding Yandere Sokka X Reader BreedingSokka loves to play in the water and get into splash fights, and Zuko loves to bare his skin (not even self-conscious about his scars) and soak in the sun…though he still keeps his amber eyes open, to ensure that nothing bad. Discover more posts about bakugou x you, katsuki bakugo x reader, katsuki x reader, bakugou imagine, bakugou drabble, bakugo katsuki x reader, and bakugou x reader. I’m glad you enjoy the stupidity of the Avatar GAang. Dancing with the Devil | Yandere!Karma X Reader (Short Hiatus) (On going) You allowed him into your life that one summer. Original Female Character (s) Yandere Wally Darling (Welcome Home) My version of Your Beautiful Spark by RottingPuppet (RedVelvetDemise), I would like you to give FULL credit for the idea and og fanfic to RottingPuppet (RedVelvetDemise), but credit me the story writing in THIS specific fanfic, …. [Yandere! ATLA Various! x Reader] Language: English Words: 1,511 Chapters: 1/62 Kudos: 16 Hits: 614; Avatar: The Last …. In comparison, Jungkook’s voice is sweet and gentle, conveys a kind of comfort that takes away all the fear of your heart. Avatar: Repopulating the Air Nomads. After a fight against Fire Nation soldiers leaves you burned, you try to hide the wound, not wanting to worry the others. For this task, Azula decides that she needs to reunite with her child Azula was not Fire Lord Ozai's favorite child. Language: English Words: 349 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 19 Hits: 362. Posts tagged with #yandere sokka x reader. Hawks puts the egg inside you and starts fucking you. You were beginning to feel lightheaded and every step you took felt like your feet got heavier, you couldn't keep. yanderexreader; yanderebrother; yandereaunt +22 more # 10. But, you seen smell the bitterness of something burning, and upon following that scent, you see a 'guy' with indigo hair, and white clothing with some purple details that made him seem more elegant. Works; Bookmarks; Filters; RSS Feed. Reverse Harem Yandere | Reader | Romance Harem College Yandere Reverse Harem Original Characters. Include ? Include Ratings Not Rated (1). My Hero Academia various x Reader) In a nearly-quirkless society, The Foundation contains those who cause chaos with their quirks. You slowly returned to your senses, trying to place your surroundings in your memory. Yandere Avatar — Hello!, I hope your day/night is going well. Aang: Yeah, because you are the smartest person I know! Not to mention the prettiest. You work for Akatsuki Inc a big and growing company. tw: possessive behavior, threats, crude language, bullying, slight slut - shaming, non - consensual touching, slight abuse. "You better hide real good baby, because the moment I find you, it's gonna get real fun. Yandere hawks x by SleepyWeirdo. These rodents may grow up into different adults by random chance - each newborn usually has a chance to grow up into around 1 - 4 different adult versions, and some might be very rare! Make sure to adopt more than one and watch them change as they grow. The best for the rich and elite. #bakugou x reader on Tumblr. You finished cooking and making your children’s food. cw: smut, hand-over-mouth, afab!reader, reader is referred to as 'sugar,' quiet sex, dirty talk (wilbur cannot follow his own damn rule), language, slight degradation (wilbur calls you a pocket pussy), semi-public sex, FILTH, yandere!character. Years later, when you saw him again, you allowed him into your life for a second time. Sis Writes Yanderes on Tumblr. You start off as a little girl. For over one-hundred years, a legend about a castle that supposedly belonged to a witch has been left to rot up on the hill that it was built on, looming over the village below like a crow perched on a weathered branch. See a recent post on Tumblr from @yandere-avatar about Yandere sokka x reader x yandere suki. He sees himself as your shining knight and you as his princess. Yandere!Childe x Reader, stalking, blood, violence “You don’t need anyone but me” Yandere!Childe x F!Reader, smut, breeding, baby-trapping, kidnapping. Escaping an arranged marriage, (Y/n) came across the famous water hashira Urokodaki. Closing the Distance (Izuku Midoriya x reader lemon). You decide to bunker in your travelling friends home, however, when the shields …. Primarily following a gut feeling, she embarks on a journey to uncover her past and find out her destiny in. He turned on the lights to your room. 𝐀 𝐜𝐡𝐢𝐥𝐝 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐧 tomura; bakougo; todoroki +16 more # 11. Y/N L/N is the daughter and sole heir to Asia's most prominent underground drug rings, known as the Dead Star Family. Getting the equivalent of isekai'd by a goddess during a war you decide to roll with the punches. Chapter 7: Confessing their love for you with the help of a wingman. ” Albedo articulated, his voice sounded dry but quite nervous in his words “I couldn’t get anyone to. The Last Airbender Yandere | Reader | Fanfiction Romance Thriller Love Avatar Aang Sokka Azula Zuko Toph Atla Lgbtq. William is based off his TSE appearance. Unknown to the barbarians, the armored monsters had a very unique mating ritual, similar to scorpions dancing while pressing up against each other to. yandere sokka x reader on Tumblr">#yandere sokka x reader on Tumblr. (Name) (Last Name) is new to the foundation. Avatar The Last Airbender Stories. See a recent post on Tumblr from @yandere-avatar about yandere sokka x reader. Yandere Avatar — I'm Not Jealous Well, Maybe a Little">Yandere Avatar — I'm Not Jealous Well, Maybe a Little. Read the most popular neteyamxreader stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. -light bondage is fine, but prefers to hold your hands together with his own as he pounds you. oviposition; tetraphilia; eggs +4 more # 9. Sokka: Who do you think would play me if they made a movie about us and the Avatar? Y/n: You’d be in the movie? Katara: Y/n! Katara: Think it, but don’t say it. Y/n, a warrior of ThunderClan, is always looking out for everyone and getting hurt. Sokka is grabbing her elbow desperately and trying to pull her away. When Zuko was banished his fiance was banished with him. Creepypasta Character(s)/Reader. BNHA/MHA LEMONS (xreader). He’s super curious about you, the way you twist and groan in your sleep, your light breaths. Today wasn't like the other days - you could feel it in the tips …. Hakoda Toph Beifong | Fanfiction Romance Yandere ATLA Yandere Various Yandere Avatar Reincarnated. With exceeding skills, L sokka. he just wished there were 1) less layers, and 2) pockets. Book 3 In Puss In Boots Love Story by Mariah. Zuko X Reader Fanfiction Stories. warnings: mentions of fighting & injuries; mentions of legend of korra (so if you haven’t watched, don’t read!). Hello, this is a collection of creepypasta oneshots/smutshots. Breeding headcanons with the 12 kizuki (ft. Guardian's Obsession (Yandere Naga x Reader) Fantasy. Read the most popular pregnantreader stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. The world lays in the clutch of his hands, mercilessly and dangerously. Yandere x Reader; yandere/reader - Freeform; chisaki/reader - Freeform; Stockholm Syndrome; Obsession. Writing Request Blog — I was wondering if you could write a Yandere. Avatar: The Last Airbender | Katara Sokka Zuko Azula Ty Lee Iroh Ozai | Fanfiction Fantasy Atla Toph Oc Original Character Older Brothers Siblings Mai. A endless night of breeding zhongli till your satisfied and he's aching in pleasure. summary: Luca just can’t let his rivalry with Carmy go, so he leaves a permanent reminder inside of you. (Reader) finds himself stuck in the middle. No Longer the Same {Sokka x Reader} Words: 9k. Currently fixing some chapters. As I drove to the studio, I heard news about the skydome being destroyed and people raising money to help rebuild it. Daddy shark on the other hand, is a very doting yandere and …. How about a scenario where yandere adult Thorfinn is hunting for his female s/o through a haunted forest? rukia-writes answered: ✨TW:violence and yandere . 52+ Images of Laugh Meme Template. A close friend searches for ways to help, and a scar from the past gets. In a catastrophic turn of events, Denji, Power, Aki, and yourself find yourselves in a deadly predicament. Y/n lives a hard life, she's a 15 year old girl, completely normal right? Wrong. But you ended up capturing the hearts of his consorts instead. Posted on 26 Aug 2020 10:34pm (3 years ago) with 767 notes. “I know you’ll make my heir strong. Warning: Aang convinces the gaang that Reader needs him, airbender Reader, the gaang is also kinda starting to become yandere. yang; rwbyxreader; rwby +11 more # 15. Reader is an investigative journalist that joined the crew after the fight at Arlong Park. ) Language: English Words: 68,788 day 6: Tentacles - Sokka x fem!Reader. See a recent post on Tumblr from @tenshiblogposts about bakugou x reader. HAWKS X READER Y/N is possessed with a blessing and a curse. COMPLETED • There is no better way to describe you than a doll, living to please your owner. Sometimes her innocence, naive, and curiosity always uchihaclan. I'm a Sinner — Hello can you please write smut about Tom Riddle x. Part 1 of lovelove; Language: English Words: 318 Chapters. Yandere atla; Yandere Aang; Yandere Katara; Yandere Sokka; Summary. You’ve been a member of the crew for a few weeks and although you feel welcomed, especially by Nami, you’ve been feeling a bit out of place. No family or friends, just Neteyam. Also, I wrote a tentacle x reader story called Tentacle Business Woman if you want to go to my works and check it out. 106 pages March 27, 2021 The Stranger. She was there, in the cafe everyday. he’d told you about the things he wanted to do to you, how he wanted to see you, what was going to happen soon…. Vi vil gjerne vise deg en beskrivelse her, men området du ser på lar oss ikke gjøre det. Intrigued with something so amazing. For years, no one has dared to enter its doors as anyone who does, is never seen. His beauty surpassed many, his eyes, his hair, his skin, his body, even under all that cloth it was still impressive. Tentacle x Reader Oneshots. Graphic Depictions Of Violence. Reader responds, “I’m a vegetarian. Yandere Avatar — Katara, driving Y/n and Aang home: How was …. Sokka is very obvious, he’s never been the type to hide his feelings so he really doesn’t even bother. Vi skulle vilja visa dig en beskrivning här men webbplatsen du tittar på tillåter inte detta. Unable to handle any more time alone in your formerly shared apartment, you decide to join a local therapy group you heard about from a friend. Shanks was marveling at how cute you were, gently pressing kisses along your cheek. But, any story with Sokka being with two or more women of ATLA or LOK will be good too. He sees everything as a threat to you. Also: Suki is thoroughly disgusted by the idea of straight porn and Sokka is a red-hot tired mess. i knew you were just as excited as I am about our child!”. Platonic!yandere!Aang using the prompt Hydrangea please? Remember to drink water ️🌼🕯️. ?” he tugged at the collar of his shirt. Over the years, the two grew close, to the point that they saw each other as their sibling. See a recent post on Tumblr from @gojoslutoru about sukuna-x-reader. "You don't have to do that," he said, his voice softer now. (Eren x Pregnant!Reader x Armin) You have two beautiful baby boys, both from different fathers. If you’ve only just met and are starting to become friends he tries to be extremely forward with you about his feelings, and flirts with you. Yandere Avatar @yandere-avatar / yandere-avatar. if you didn’t have a good day, i’m going to be upset :):):) —-. Atlantis **Hawks x Reader** by Jessica Kendall. -breeding (of course)-impact play (mostly spanking, or occasionally hitting you with his fan if he's really in the mood that day) -rough, ROUGH, but also gentle sex …. well, I hope you find him soon! Ba Sing Se is huge, it will probably take days for you to search the whole city. Your boyfriend Todoroki Shoto was kissing someone you believed was more smart, beautiful than you, well everyone did. Always mine (Yandere Freddy Fazbear x Reader). Intact she's not even the youngest. A breeding test (Genshin Impact Hydro Slime X Reader). Unfortunately, your presence may cause more harm than good. Yandere OC; Yandere's x reader; Summary. Azra is the daughter of a prominent Fire Nation General. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Tentacle x Female Reader [LEMON] You woke up feeling drained and cold, you tried to sit up but you couldn't move your body, you opened you eyes and found your self in a cold empty room, you breathed in the cold air till her felt something slither to your waist, you tried to make any sound as possible but your vocal cords can't make any. Tom always watches when you breast feed your young one. Nothing looked familiar and for some reason everything. Oneshots and Headcanons featuring certain boys of several different fandoms (currently writing for Attack on Titan, Danganronpa 1+2, Fruits Basket, and Ouran High School Host Academy) who are losing their minds for you~ I do certain male characters x female reader. Discover more posts about zoro x you, zoro roronoa x you, zoro roronoa x reader, one piece x reader, zoro smut, one piece smut, and zoro x reader. In front of you,stood a boy with slightly long black hair. After running away, you were brought back to the spider society and now things can end one of two ways. Werewolf Kirishima breeding Yandere reader waking Shouto up by fucking him ☆彡 Twins (TW: Incest) Siscon Shouto with twin sister ☆彡 Sabotage. She believes she can't bend, has lost her family and is a lone wanderer, until she found a avatarthelastairbenderxreader. I'm imagining reader had a scare with a villain, maybe you got injured or simply just had a close call. You don't want to be just a pretty face; you want to be more; strong, powerful, intelligent, creative, etc. He would make her perfect, just like him. A power within her that she's always had to keep secret from the world that she lives in. Sokka X Reader Love & Friendship Quizzes. will add more tags as things appear. They most likely met you in a buffet you own in Fire Nation. Let them rewrite your fairytales until you're trapped in the the twists and turns. Hermione grieves, remembering the man she loved while trying to understand the stranger Sirius has become. Katara took this as a sign her work was finished here. Taehyung’s voice is serious, deep, the type causes chills throughout your body. Diavolo x female reader Request open// diavoloobeyme; maturethemes; pornwithoutplot +10 more # 5. Discover more posts about mammon x mc, obey me x you, obey me x mc, obey me hcs, obey me mammon x reader, obey me lucifer x reader, and mammon smut. He kisses down your neck down to your chest. During a celebration of the long-standing peace between the Kingdom of Eldur and the distant mountain tribes where alphas and omegas live freely, you meet their leader, Katsuki Bakugo. You were worried that you may have upset him with your request so, with a heavy heart, you readied yourself to take back what you had said. Reader Mako Bolin Korra Asami Sato | Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Avatar Airbender Firebender Mako Waterbender Earthbender X Reader. Azula, after so much time away from the palace, is hungry for her daddy. ” Zuko hums in annoyance at Sokka’s newest plan to…liberate you “Well I don’t see you coming up with anything better. in which aang saves a little boy, meets his mom, and falls in love. [Yandere! ATLA Various! x Reader] Language: English Words: 1,511 Chapters:. Can we get more Yandere Zukka x fem reader how. But with so much royalty introduces the need for many more maids in the castle than usual. (Shaggy x reader) Scooby-Doo: The Movie (Spooky Island) Next up: Scooby-Doo: Monsters Unleashed The chapters are long, so there. Newly published Sokka X Reader Fanfiction Stories. As an unknown villain with an unknown goal lurks somewhere outside of Hogwarts; Sebastian, Ominis, and Eleanor (MC) find themselves at the centre point of a madman's plan-which, if enacted, will likely destroy the world. Dion could feel himself twitch inside his pants, your expression arousing him. After she accompanies his family to the Metkayina Island, she discovers that she is unable to open up to Neteyam due to her past. lol Games World Read Nan Hao And Shang Feng Yandere Sokka X Reader Breeding Dot Marker Printables Free Salvation Army Merrillville Read You Wrote You Lyrics Business Source Labels 21050 Template Family Advocacy Program Army Arctic Army. Read the most popular wallydarling stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. #yandere vampire x reader on Tumblr. While reader and yandere are cuddling on the couch, yandere goes on to ramble about every little detail they love about reader, from the scent of their hair, to how soft reader's hands are. As the Emperor's Imperial Consort, your goal was to capture the Emperor's heart. As the eldest son of the chieftain he was tasked with protecting the village when his father left to aid in the war. Siren's Song: Yandere MHA(BNHA) Ch by haleywink-chan. The more time you spent with him, the more you remembered that one …. -ˏˋ💌 ˊˎ ♡ 𝐘𝐀𝐍𝐃𝐄𝐑𝐄 𝐌𝐔𝐋𝐓𝐈𝐅𝐀𝐍𝐃𝐎𝐌 𝐈𝐌𝐀𝐆𝐈𝐍𝐄𝐒 ♡ yandere- a japanese archetype used to define a character whose love, admiration, and devotion is so strong that it is expressed as an excessive obsession and possessiveness. I was about to pick up my speed until a hand rested on my shoulder. Athanasia, that was the name Diana bestowed for her own child before her death due to childbirth and also the name that Claude laughing sarcastically due to the meaning of it as immortality. Scaramouche's lustful eyes met yours quickly as he looked up at you, still stroking his erect dick with fervour. Every chapter with smut in it will be marked with a lemon emoji (like this: 🍋Character x Reader - blah blah🍋). Upon hearing this, Hawks had invited you over to his farm first thing in the morning. He clenched your shoulders, "no, Y/n, you need me, and i need you. Sabotaging your birth control to breed you ☆彡 Womb. Continuation of my fic “Lesson Learned”. Due to the nature of creepypastas, I will have to mark this as …. " Y/n~ come out, come out where ever you are my love ~" c/n said as he checked the closet and looked through your jackets and clothes. #yandere mikey #tokyorev headcanons #tokyo revengers #tokyo rev x you #yandere kazutora #tiger kazutora #yandere tokyo This is the request rules👒. Used as a sperm bank and breeding stock by tentacles. Lust, greed and wrath run rampant among the once great streets, and wreck havoc among the sweetest of people who now only act for their own selfish sake. Like bro, find a new obsession or something. there was no war, no threat of attack, no constantly running for their lives under the stress of aang not mastering the four types of …. Empress Of The Old World {Legend by …. Read the most popular sokkaxreader stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. [Yandere killers x reader] Forcibly taken from the world you've known, you are forced to become the prey of the Salvation — a cruel game where a vampire prince, a werewolf Alpha, a fallen angel, a powerful mage and a psychic Dragon-shifter compete to chase down and kill the chosen humans. You've defied fate and death for Dio. Immortal Scaramouche (Genshin Impact) Slow To Update. Without saying anything, he immediately attacks your neck with soft kisses and little bites as he carries you to your bedroom. Warnings: yandere behavior, doggy style position, creampie (hinted at multiple), possessiveness, mentions of masturbation, inferred voyeurism, mention of blood, implied hypnotism, and that is all. Your head was spinning and your vision was to blurry to tell you what had grabbed you. He pointed his phone which contains his last message, “Give me your love. Discover more posts about toph x reader. # yandere naruto # yandere x reader # sasuke x reader # uchiha x reader # yandere itachi # itachi x reader # yandere sasuke # naruto x reader # naruto headcanons # yandere imagines # naruto imagines # yandere uchiha # akatsuki x reader # yandere akatsuki # naruto. They assured you that living with them wouldn't be THAT bad since they could take care of your every need and you would never have to work again. A New and Mighty Demon King's Harem. in this Sokka is a barista and a mechanical engineering student. yeah I read two stories with the male reader either being Artorias or abyss watchers for mine I'm going to do both bosses so. It seems that for things to come clear the waters of the past need to be stirred and murky. You're at your lowest point when you meet him, and he lifts you from the pits of despair. Reader; Yandere Sokka; Yandere Headcanons; headcanons; Summary. Sokka, motioning to himself and Aang, who's smiling innocently: No no no no no, TWO idiots! Y/n: That smiles worries me Aang: Oh, don't worry. Aang takes on his destiny, Katara lends a hand when they fall, Sokka softens up, and (Y/n) has to come to terms with her past. also the akaza/reader for now is only minor, that might change in the future but this is a mainly douma/reader fic, enjoy, or don't. When the Avatar is reincarnated, the cycle goes in an order: 🍃Air🍃, 🌊Water🌊, 🏔Earth🏔, 🔥Fire🔥. Be carful, Darling, and good luck. All pictures belong to their rightful owners. Yandere Writings — Overcorrection (Yandere Sokka x Reader). (New!) Happy world octopus day from Koikee! Adopt me! (Released 2023-09-29) We are celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival with this gift from Codex and FleshCanvas!. Burning Obsession [Yandere! Zuko] His love for her blazed brightly like the fire he bended. Yandere Kurapika breeding his fem s/o please">Insanity (+18) — Yandere Kurapika breeding his fem s/o please. The Legend Of Korra X Reader. But when the world needed her the most, she was not ready. The planYanderish Zuko and Sokka x reader“That’s stupid Sokka. this is a book about a dire wolf named rain meeting a …. Y/N was cursed, unable to speak without the risk of hurting others. It probably was a bad idea to run into the spooky forest that everyone desperately tried to avoid. It was another to do so with no memory of how you got there. Luckily for you, Mandela county had some real cheap houses for sale. Hotheaded, stubborn Kxanì has no one left. Barbie had never once wished to be anything more then she was. (Name) (Last Name) is the half sister of the joker and she has stolen the hearts of all of Gotham, from Villains to heroes, Gotham has never been more dangerous for Joker's baby girl. Shanks loves the beach and will forever love the beach, so for vacation he still wants to be there just with a little. Yandere | Reader | Adventure Fanfiction Romance Aliens Violence Sadness Trauma Love Triangle X Reader. An androgynous prisoner of war from a neighboring clan seems to be her best bet; Jasper feels that if she's being forced to mate with a man, it should at least be him. Wally Darling (Welcome Home) Reader. JungKook jumped away from you as if he was burned, panic covered his face. Just by looking at her he wants her and what Muzan wan The beautiful long black hair woman was sitting down in front of the building she stayed at, this building was in the Red Light District. The botanical gardens was a usual hangout spot for you and your lazy friend Leona. So much so, he'd love you until your lips turn blue. #yandere william afton on Tumblr. Someone you once trusted now seeks your demise. STAY THE FUCK AWAY IF YOU AREN'T 18 OR ABOVE! Inbox is /OPEN/This is a little side blog I have for yandere scenarios of many fandoms. nsfw is fem! reader and sfw is gn! reader. The one that threatens you had more to fear than you, babe <3 Y/n, sweatdropping: Please don't kill anyone Sokka: We won't kill anyone, promise!. warning this story contains smut, and fluff. Twisting your tongue with his, the solemn hero gripped your wrists, squeezing them roughly with each of his thrusts. requested by anon “Reading your stuff always makes me happy, you’re really talented! I was wondering if I could request a Sokka x fem reader? Maybe mutual …. ˏˋ ˊˎ — i see your sokka with a nonbender s/o and now,,,,. ” “You would be an amazing mother. (Y/n) woke up to a cozy hut in the small village harboring the South Pole. No matter how often or how he did it, you wouldn’t even look at him. ” “I’m not having a baby,” you repeated, his disappointment was apparent. With your recent diagnosis of night terrors, you move away from the stressful city in hopes they stop. More chapters will be gradually added, however updates will be infrequent. Burning Obsession Yandere! Zuko Chapter 1, an avatar: last. The Age of Heaven is near, and you won't let the Joestars stop you—no matter how hard they fight. Until your life is not normal anymore. Read chapter 'Important' for a general warning regarding my writing skills (or the lack of) and more information about reque fanfiction atla zuko +8 more # 3 {~Avatar~} One Shots and Preferenc by JuJu 8K 143 7. Edogawa Ranpo (Bungou Stray Dogs) Elise (Bungou Stray Dogs) Yosano Akiko (Bungou Stray Dogs) Fluff and Angst. Yanderebnhaxreader Stories. The story of a dog from a reputable breeder. Azra is hiding a deadly secret; she's a water. In fact, this is his first day as a research assistant. Miguel O'Hara ruined your life from a distance. summary: the reader has curly hair & always has her hair pulled back during fights. Alternate (Mandela Catalogue)/Reader. You never had to work a day in your life, never had to get your hands dirty. The two benders (along with their pets) had been encased in an iceberg as a. She starts her leave when Sokka stops her. That innocent sight of her caused Zuko's lips to twitch up slightly. Shinazugawa Sanemi/Reader. Part 3 of male reader (sfw) Language: English. Thalia Miller is 15 years old, and the child of two scientists who brought her with them to study Pandora, despite the general believing it to be no place for a child. They needed to get back, but the other world's inh yanderekny; yanderemha; bnha +16 more # 2. what I will write for: breeding kink - daddy kink - bimbo! reader - sub! character - dom! character - age gap - non con - dub con - infantilisation - yandere themes - incest - step incest. Masterlist "Failure is only the …. Avatar The Last Airbender atla yandere avatar the last airbender sokka soft yandere yandere sokka sokka x reader katara aang toph Zuko toph beifong reader yandere x reader avatar yandere avatar yandere atla hakoda kya kanna hama yue ba sing se waterbender reader. The Afton Family (Five Nights at Freddy's) Mentioned Afton Family. After your life and the world came crashing down due to a sickness, you where left on your own. Warnings: SMUT, yandere, dubcon/noncon elements, coercion, …. Sokka/Suki (Avatar)/Reader. And that's the last thing Jasper wants to do. He kidnapped y/n in the middle of the night, she belongs to him for now until she finds her way out of the game. #sokka x reader #sokka atla #atla sokka #sokka #yandere x reader #yandere atla x reader. Y/n, to Sokka: My life is in the hands of an idiot! Sokka, motioning to himself and Aang, who's smiling innocently: No no no no no, TWO idiots!. Fanboy! Gojo who stans you since debutant has a fan account dedicated to you; Fanboy! Gojo who participates in kpop selfie days on his main account has and blows up on twitter for being a hot fan; Fanboy! Gojo who defends you against anti’s online; Fanboy! Gojo who uses his connections to get you brand deals (just so he can see you dressed up); …. She watches how you stay up all night training your quirk. All the fandoms you could wish for. One last ding and you had enough. sans Au oneshots + lemons. See a recent post on Tumblr from @a-asterias about zuko x reader. Yandere Avatar — Y/n: that is ridiculous, Aang. Overcorrection (Yandere Sokka x Reader) Request: Hi babe! Could I request a yandere Sokka imagine where he’s incredibly protective? Reader is part of …. Action Fan Reborn: Yandere's Pursu by Carrara. “What do you say?” “Well, I’m not having a baby. Let’s get one thing straight before we start. REMEMBER TO BE GENTLE (REQUESTS CLOSED) — Your breeding …. See a recent post on Tumblr from @a-writer-on-elm-street about klaus mikaelson x reader smut. After an explosion on the Brooklyn bridge in Nueva York, Miguel is faced with a new adversary. Above you was the blurry green-and-gold of the sunlit canopy and the faint murmur of birdsong filtered into your ears. | A story about Reader and Alt! Gabriel getting closer than most expect, and her experiences with other alternates. 371 pages Completed June 10, 2022 ISOPODMOM. 24 pages Completed August 16, 2021 witches brew. What's your favorite poly ship? Mine is Road to El Dorado's Tulio. Yandere! ATLA Various x Reader] Language: English Words: 2,461 Chapters: 2/30 Kudos: 46 Bookmarks: 5 Hits: 1442; Yandere Katara Headcanons by ReaReaOtaku Fandoms: Avatar: The Last Airbender Not Rated; Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings; F/F, Gen; Complete Work; 31 Aug 2022. With nowhere left to hide, she begins her unwilling descent into the dark side. The Last Airbender Yandere | Reader | Fanfiction Romance Thriller Love Avatar Aang Sokka Azula Zuko Toph Atla Lgbtq (Yandere! Avatar: The last air bender x …. Pre-konoha Fanfiction The crash's sound lingered in her thoughts, yet she felt no pain, and her body remained unaffected as if nothing had happened. A cruel smirk on his face and victory painted in amber eyes. You sign up for club at your university, causing you to unknowingly get involved in a group of strange people; a turmoil of lies, secrets, and feelings all come to a head in the murder of one of your friends. Browse through and read or take yandere alpha x reader stories, quizzes, and other creations m!reader x m!yanderes [omegaverse au] || You are an alpha. He got up with the sun, trained for a few hours and then started to deal with the affairs of the nation. Part 1 of lovelove; Language: English Words: 318 …. Azula is sent by Firelord Ozai to capture prince Iroh and Zuko, recent traitors to the Fire Nation. She had forgotten her lunch because she was helping our younger brother get ready for school. 289 pages Completed August 13, 2021 Monster. The more nights and days they spent with you crammed in the van and even …. Sis Writes Yanderes — Can we have a part 2 of the yandere. A few chairs over, Sokka shifted uncomfortably in his seat. Reader Knows Miguel O'hara Is Spider-Man. Tartaglia | Childe Has a Breeding Kink (Genshin Impact) Tartaglia | Childe Has a Piss Kink (Genshin Impact) Rough Sex; The Author Regrets Everything; Watersports; Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics ; Summary (Used to be called Enemies to Enemies to Lovers, but I ended up writing so much smut in this that I changed the name to a more fitting …. his hand splayed over your stomach made you quiver, knowing what ha was thinking. Without Law and Order, the most primal human emotions thrive. The room was sick and full of dread. shipshoping said: Hello!, I hope your day/night is going well!, I thought of something to request and just wanted to shoot my shot lol! - How about some headcanons of possessive yandere ty Lee?. So you try your best on avoiding such things. 8k Warnings: noncon, dubcon, daddy kink, breeding kink, manipulation, coercion, forced breeding, size difference, virgin reader, slight cumflation, yandere Note: Thank you to @iwvs-on-ao3 …. This is the second book of my Sokka x Reader series. And he's more than willing to get his hands bloodied for you. “breeding kink much?” you joked. Your a 20 year old girl who is starting college , your just a normal civilian. Being the good natured and naive but trusting girl she was has no idea how obsessed he truly is and is fueling his love faster by the interaction. Archive; Michael Myers breeding his S/O in a mating press while gently petting their sweat soaked hair …. The Last Airbender | Adventure Fanfiction Romance Friendship Avatar Aang Katara Sokka Fanfic Momo Toph Love Story "Meet Fajera, a teenage food-thief, and the only other Mixed-bender in the world. His need to tend to her burned brighter than the eternal flame. Your smile is a little syrupy, moving from corner to corner of your mouth like you’re tasting it. can i request yandere sokka with a reader who is traveling with & helping the gAang? reader always teases sokka but she never wants to take it further. Aang “convinces” you to come along with them, finding your knowledge of the nation useful. [yandere human lemon demon x male reader x others] To think, waking up to the sound of your window sliding open would result in this A man, a monster, a demon-in your home, holding you for a ransom paid only by your presence. "Guess I was lucky," He smirks, looking up. But, when he comes back to see bruises on your delicate skin — he becomes enraged. [Various bnha] x [OP! Fem! reader] You were an elite shinobi, tapped for ANBU black ops at 13, a member of Konoha's only hunter squad. Their voices seem so similar that you can’t help but wonder if they’re the same person. #zuko x reader smut on Tumblr. noelle — Avatar: The Last Airbender Masterlist. Medieval AU; Series (Ongoing) Prince Henry of the Creel Dynasty is finally in search of a wife, and in the spirit of courtship, King Victor has invited young royalty from all neighboring kingdoms to vie for his hand. I HAVE MOVED! READ PINNED!! —. this will be a collection of MHA characters x Male reader, i will keep the descriptions of reader to a minimum and I don’t usually write about anyone but Bakugou Katsuki, Kirishima Eijiro, and Aizawa Shouta, but at the end of each Chapt please write who you want it to be next even if it’s not one of those three and if it’s really liked or suggested then I will do that!. You know if I could I'd write you something much longer. She was sweet and charming but she lacked wealth and status. Summary: You’re a Fire Nation citizen who saves Sokka and Katara from some angry villagers. Eijirokirishimaxreader Stories. “is this really what the earth kingdom considers formal wear. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. While the igloos of the southern water tribe had seemed warm and lively, the tribes strong sense of family making you feel immediately included, The one Sokka kept you in was the opposite. See a recent post on Tumblr from @chainsawbyt3s about eyeless jack x reader. As we all know, Katsuki Bakugou, aka the deformed looking hedgehog with angry pomeranian problems is a VERY AGGRESSIVE and POSSESSIVE ASF Yandere, not to mention slightly delusional too. Writing Request Blog — Request. I will be posting it there, as well as here. Breeding, Smut - To him you are his greatest friend and the cutest thing that has ever lived, therefore he needs to always be with you so he can protect you! - Since he wants that trad family set up he missed out on as a kid so bad, if you’re fem reader he’s probs hell bent on. macaquexreader light smut slow burn I don't own the characters they are from a show called L macaque. I'm a Sinner — Hello can you please write teacher Tom riddlex. (Name) is sent to Republic City to stay with her aunt and uncle. Something about you just drew him in. #yandere Emperor x Reader on Tumblr. Yandere Ecthelion x reader: Breeding Kink. Yandere Sokka Headcanons Oreosmama. Until he finds you, and you can't escape no matter how many times you try. Sis Writes Yanderes — Can we have a part 2 of the yandere …. hello could you please write a sokka x female reader imagine where the reader is part of the gang and everyone knows about their feelings for each other except sokka and the reader cos they're oblivious. reader POV; Please be gentle with me; i am very new to this; Summary "But you honestly couldn't remember where the hell you were, your limbs ached, and there was a throbbing in your back. Satan : Satan is in the same boat as Lucifer except that he will search tiktok for cute cat videos and cute cat videos only. collab post content warnings: minors/ageless blogs dni - fem!reader - camboy!douma - being recorded/livestreamed (with consent) - teasing - dirty talk - slight oral (f!receiving) - unprotected sex - praise - spit - choking - sightly dacrypholia - creampie - not beta read - 1,6k wordsnote: this is a piece for @fuwushiguro & @/duckiez’s cybersex collab!! i was …. Oh, you screwed up bad; When she gets jealous, she gets violent [Though she gets violent a lot] But, she doesn’t know how to healthily express her emotions, or really just express them at all, so she acts out. Huggy Wuggy x GN Child Reader by Shapeshiftdragon. Yandere! ATLA Various x Reader] Language: English Words: 2,461 Chapters: 2/30 Kudos: 51 ~Sokka x Reader~ Language: English Words: 32,065 Chapters: 15/? Comments. Wordcount: 5040 Warnings: Yandere/Dark Romance, Aliens, Alien Cannibalism, Graphic content, Fear of Death, Emotional, Shattered Hope, Inappropriate Touches, Slime, Tentacle Mention, Wound Mention Featured Aliens: The Glutton @yanderewulf ; Horoia Henbit @baritonelorenia a/n: Thank you everyone for being …. A scar on his left eye told of a tragic past. Hawks x Reader (Movie Night) (lemon)😍🕊🕊. At long last, the time has come to set your grand scheme in motion: the elimination of Jotaro Kujo and Dio's glorious resurrection. it was the first time that they’d seen true joy in what felt like a lifetime. 63+ Images of How To Watch Milb Games For Free. Who from ‘Avatar the Last Airbender’ Do You Want Next? Aang Sokka Katara Toph Beifong Suki Mai Ty Lee See Results. Notes: TW: slight hints of non-con with Douma and Koko, but Akaza is a wholesome baby, The reader's pronouns aren't strictly she/her, you can have a breeding kink whilst being with a partner that can't actually get pregnant. Language: English Words: 5,236 Chapters: 7/32 Comments: 2 Kudos: 37 Bookmarks: 5 Hits: 2,421; a place to keep all of my yandere genshin drabbles! …. Rough, calloused hands squeeze at your thighs before you’re roughly tossed onto the bed. See a recent post on Tumblr from @asce-of-hearts about yandere luffy x reader. Discover more posts about jungkook x reader, jungkook x you, jungkook fanfic, jungkook fic, jungkook angst, jungkook scenario, and jungkook smut. Chapter 1: How they choose an engagement ring for you. Well, what's left for he tanjiro. Pairing: yandere douma x human gn reader. Y/n, to Sokka: My life is in the hands of an idiot! Sokka, motioning to himself and Aang, who's smiling innocently: No no no no no, TWO idiots! Y/n: That smiles worries me Aang: Oh, don't worry. The only son of the Lento Family let's loose a downwards spiralling obsession for the youngest daughter of the (l/n)'s, their past not so messy unless his best friend, Jesse Smith, is involved. ~ [Curses are enemy of demons they are monster]~ In which Sukuna the king of curse escaped the hell were he lived with 'The god of hell' who is Lucifers father. No one seemed to understand that you were content to stay in your comfort zone, focusing solely on your job. southern water tribe watertribe hakoda hakoda x reader Avatar The Last Airbender avatar bato hakoda crew firebender reader pirate reader protective hakoda sweet hakoda sokka katara zhao captain reader soft yandere hakoda idiots in love my ocs the boiling rock Zuko avatar x y/n avatar x reader bato being a good friend hakoda being too …. Yandere Scenarios For Your Enjoyment. ⚠️ Trigger Warning ⚠️ This book contains main character reaction to subjects readers may find disturbing ⚠️ the main character is assaulted off screen. Seeing all of his friends get mates and even have babies is difficult to watch when you don’t have a chance for it yourself…. You've always been described as a pretty girl with a pretty face, and you're tired of it. And he just can't help but adore you. No amount of fire or blankets could dull the icy chill that filled your prison. Summary: Sokka hadn’t mentioned telling any of the others, so you had chosen not to. main plot lovingly ripped off from the remarried empress. She meets Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation after he catches. Shanks’ ideal vacation with you is to spend a few weeks, or a month, on a secluded island. Ongoing [Yandere! Monsters X Reader] Humans have been coexisting with monsters for centuries. The Fire in my Heart {Demon X OC} by StarLioness101. Unwanted media attention, non-stop gossiping, jealousy from many females and so on. ⚠️Warnings⚠️ : Bl, Boy love, Male x Male , Romance , Love, FLUFF (I live for it), but also some Angst (I try anyway), NO. Pretty much what it says on the tin, I write yandere headcanons and one shots for Salt Raiders. See a recent post on Tumblr from @heartofjasmina about deku smut. yan kenma who has you locked up in his apartment- it’s been some time and you’ve given up escaping but you know he live-streams so you kind of start living small clues that you’re there in hope someone will figure it out? but instead of a viewer kenma finds out; and instead of stopping you he just decides to taunt you and play along to the point his viewers make it an inside joke- the. His overwhelming desire to win would soon shred into pieces and what replaced it; was an unhealthy obsession. May contain Yandere themes !! In a world of Alphas, Betas, and Omegas there is a correction facility fo omegaverse; omegareader +17 more # 4. One day she's purchased by the strongest creature in the world and is made to fight in his name in the underground arena. He felt it, he just wanted you, an urge to almost eat you, something warm and fuzzy and needy and explosive inside him, mouth-watering, eyes …. Bucky Kills S/O Family and Kidnaps Them *TW*. Yandere! ATLA Various x Reader] Language: English Words: 2,461 Chapters: 2/30 Kudos: 57 Bookmarks: 6 Hits: 1,692; Yandere Katara Headcanons by ReaReaOtaku zuko and katara's (sometimes) ranks 2020: sokka x reader : 06 (0805) 04 (0808) 02 (0819) 03 (0825) gaang: 01(0923)(10/24) Series. y/n is a 16-year-old high-school student. Yandere x reader lemon breeding,im by Fnf The ex Ayana. #yandere bnha #yandere oneshot #yandere x reader #yandere kinktober #love toxin kinktober #yandere kinktober 2019 #love-toxin. Her mother is a waterbender and her father is an earthbender. (A/N: this is a world where Taro Yamada/senpai is a yandere instead of Ayano Aishi/Yandere-chan) Taro Yamada want's someone to love. When the first stone is cast and after an unexpected turn of events, one child finds herself wandering the earth in pursuit of her destiny, another finds herself caught in the deadly, decadent court of the Fire Nation, and the third struggles to avenge his family and stop the Fire Nation in its tracks. yandere JJBA part 4 x reader you were a normal girl a weeb and a smart person, and a person who can't face reality you've watch the anime and manga and probably a A+ stu yanderediuxreader; yanderediamondisunbreakable; yanderejjba +3 more # 16. You headed to your children’s room, to be shocked by. Are you going to make more Zukka Yandere content it looks interesting 👌🏾😍 •The best boyfriends honestly. Romance Yandere Korra x Reader Yandere Asami x Reader Headcanons Korra and Asami just can't seem to get along, because they love you and don't want to give you up to the other Add to library 39 Discussion 1 Suggest tags.